A website is more than just a series of templated pages, more than a content management system, more than just another marketing tool. Much like a printed brochure or a corporate identity system, a website is a piece of visual artwork that can stimulate the viewer and leave a lasting impression. However, the inner workings of a web site are as important - if not more so - than what's on the surface. Maximizing efficiency, creating compatibility across multiple browsers and optimizing your site for search engines are just as essential for the experience of the end-user as the imagery they see.

At Treehouse, we understand. With over 16 years of experience in web design, from hand-coding HTML to Adobe Flash design and development, we can handle your project. To view samples of our web design work, click below...

Recent, Non-Flash Designs (2007-present):
Padgett Gerler (2014, Southern Fiction Author/Novelist) - www.padgettgerler.com
DJ FM (2013, Electronic Music Producer/DJ) - www.djfm.com
Memory Movement (2011, Hoop Dance/Performance/Education) - www.memory-movement.com
Banks Pointe (2007, New Home Community)

Flash-based Sites/Landing Page Designs (2003-2009):
Treehouse Audio & Design (2009)
Chancellors View (2008, New Home Community)
Details (2008, Retail Business)
Eagle Ridge (2006, Golf Community)
1st American
(2006, New Home Builders)
Go Glenwooding
(2004, Glenwood South Re-dedication Landing Page)
Solatrix (2004, Web Design Studio)
Adstreet (2003, Ad Agency Landing Page)

Legacy Site Designs (1998-2006):
Nicola Godfrey (Custom Ceramic Tile)
Deep South Entertainment (Record Label/Artist Management)
Jennifer Rose (Photographer)

Shades of Grey (1998 - Jon Gerler Design Portfolio/First Website)

The Treehouse logo, all website design and photography ©Jonathan Gerler/Treehouse. All rights reserved.
All examples of web and print design remain the sole property of the client and are displayed here for promotional purposes only.