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Archives 1998-1999

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The Real World

BIG NEWS!!!! Cuts from DJ FM's "breakup" EP were (and continue to be) featured as background music on MTV's "The Real World." DJ FM received this email from Chris Burch, Music Supervisor for The Real World:

"The first DJ FM cue "Baranquilla" will air on September 14th, 1999. It will be the final cue in the episode. The only other one, at this point, will air October 26th, 1999. We used "Valley" in a scenic travel sequence to one of the other islands."

The Real World is the top-rated show on MTV, and the originator of "reality-based" TV. Many thanks from FMi to Chris Burch and the whole "Real" crew for all their help and advice....
DJ FM's Music at

Screen captures from, 1999
DJ FM's "Proton Girl" is being featured at Red Button, a San-Francisco based e-zine and indie music forum. See what CNN.COM had to say about them:

"A parallel digital universe complete with new digital record stores and Net radio stations that negate the importance of major labels is still hypothetical. Majors control more than 80 percent of U.S. music consumption.

"Those numbers leave room for new A&R middlemen, and Braden Merrick is filling the niche. A San Francisco-based entrepreneur, Merrick runs, an e-zine and music channel that showcases mostly local bands. It also makes available the singles he prefers. Word in the industry is that Merrick has a good ear, so his site has become a bookmark for some A&R scouts at the labels, who tune in every Wednesday to see what's new.

"Merrick also e-mails a tip sheet called Matchmaker to a list of 750 people, which includes song files. 'Braden's artists are worth hearing,' notes Chris Douridas, who handles A&R for Dreamworks. Douridas uses Merrick's site, and to a lesser degree, to find potential new acts. He says it's only a matter of time before Merrick signs a band to a major."

Being chosen to appear on this site has truly been a break for the FM Initiative. There are several things you can do to help:

1) Download the Liquid Audio excerpt or mp3 file of "Proton Girl." Redbutton DOES track hits and downloads for their chart system, called the Wishlist. Even if you've heard the song, 99% of the world hasn't yet, so help push the track up the charts!
2) Sign's Message Board, and be sure to let people know about!
3) Email Redbutton and tell them you want to hear more!

Even though Redbutton is now out-of-commission, Braden went on to bigger and better things, such as handling West Coast Regional A&R duties for Island Records as well as being former manager for The Killers.

DJ FM at
rolling stone
DJ FM + The FM Initiative now have an MP3 site up at! Again, here's a situation where YOUR vote counts! You can download five of my tracks at this site (for FREE), as well as write your own reviews of each track!

Depending on how much exposure the songs get, there is a chance that writers for Rolling Stone magazine might review the tracks themselves!

Baranquilla and "Notes from Home"
record exchange
DJ FM's single "Baranquilla" was featured on The Record Exchange's "Notes from Home" Compilation CD, which became available around December 15th of 1998, and was distributed by Red Eye Distribution/YEP ROC Records.

(Please Note: DJ FM, The FM Initiative, and any and all associates of Treehouse Productions are NO LONGER AFFILIATED with Red Eye Distribution in any way.) Beatport and iTunes now exclusively handle all of DJ FM's online and retail music distribution. Contact DJ FM if you have any questions or concerns.

While physical copies of the "breakup" EP are hard to come by these days, it is now available for purchase exclusively at iTunes. Copies of the Notes From Home compilation might still be floating around an NC-based independent music retailer near you!
"Esoteria" comes to an end
In early 1999, after three great months, BAD DOG Productions had to close the curtain on eSoTeRiA at Five Points Pub in Raleigh (Note: Five Points Pub is now The Pointe Bar and Grille).

It was one of the first weekly events of its kind in the Raleigh area to be hosted by the venue itself, rather than an outside promoter.

Are you a clubowner looking for a new resident DJ or a guest? To downlown mixes from DJ FM, visit the catalog page.
FM Live at "Rapture" in Asheville
rapture flyer frontrapture flyer back
Flyer Design: DJ FM/Treehouse Audio & Design
DJ FM + The FM Initiative (appearing for the first time as a live band) performed at "Rapture," March 6th, 1999, at club Metro in Asheville, NC.

Set List:
1) Dreamstate (The Avenga 4-Count Mix)
2) Other Roads NEW!
3) Do You Miss Me? NEW!
4) I Believe (Old Skool/Big Guitar Mix) NEW!
5) Proton Girl
6) The Empty Chair <<<< NEW TRACK!

The crowd response was overwhelming considering the group didn't go on until 5am - many thanks to all who showed up, including Mr. Mohbat himself, Rob Logic and DJ Android (who had a killer set and caravanned with us), and above all to Claudia, Keisha, and Shane who organized the whole thing! The lineup featured DJ Sursee, DJ Met, N20, and a host of others. FYI, Treehouse was commissioned to do the fliering for this event as well...