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Archives 2001

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New DJ FM Record Nearing Completion!
dj fm album cover
Cover Photo: Mari Jones
The FM Initiative continues to move forward with the recording of their first full-length LP, entitled "conversion.factor." Here is a sample of the album artwork and the tentative track listing (click on a highlighted track to hear a 30-second *.mp3 sample of a track - additional samples to be added soon!):

1. Do You Miss Me?
2. Solitude
3. Blue Spring Day
4. Garden
5. Other Roads
6. Alone
7. The Empty Chair
8. I Believe
9. Simple Truth
10. One More Desperate Chance

The album is turning out to be a far departure from "breakup." Featuring the drumming of Jason "The Avenga" Clevenger and the percussion of the mysterious Ravi, the beats are much more pronounced, almost rock-influenced, and the sound is much more live - but make no mistake, the DJ FM ambience and melodies are still there, and the voices are guided once again by Miss Elizabeth Fountain. Keep checking back for further details!
DJ FM designs the ATMOSPHERE website
atmosphere record
Logo and Splash page for Atmosphere Records
For those who may not know, DJ FM is also a graphic designer and was recently been given the opportunity to design the logo and website for ATMOSPHERE, a record store in Asheville, NC. Featuring a huge selection of electronic dance recordings, the store opened in June 2001 but has recently moved and is under a new name. If you'd like to view an archived version of the site design, click here.

Do you specialize in electronic dance music? Do you need fliers? Check out the Treehouse Audio & Design website to see samples of DJ FM's design work and to contact him regarding designing materials for your next event!
DJ FM featured on the "Speed Freq." compilation
speed freq compilation
Mike Warwick of Captive Audience
It seems that "Dreamstate" is turning out to be DJ FM's answer to the Crystal Method's "Busy Child!" Having already been featured on several compilations (as well as on MTV's "Real World"), you can now add one more to the list: Pivotal Records. Pivotal has included the track on their new "Speed Freq." compilation. Pivotal Records is run by Mike Warwick and Craig Conley, of NC-area electronic duo Captive Audience, who recently had theuir music featuring in a commercial for BMW Germany! Besides DJ FM, they are one of the few NC electronic artists attempting to perform their music live in the clubs. Their website can be found here.

Featuring the work of DJ FM, Arthur Loves Plastic, and many other talented artists, this is a must-own recording for any lover of locally-grown and produced electronic music! As the Pivotal website is no longer in existence, be sure to pick up a copy of this local classic at an NC independent record store near you!

Craig of Captive Audience has gone on to bigger and better things, establishing his own presence in the literary world and beyond! Want to know more? Click to read his blog!